Take Control of Your Retirement Funds with a Self-Directed IRA

  • Gain total control over your retirement funds
  • You no longer have to get each IRA investment approved by the IRA custodian
  • All decisions are truly yours.
  • No more delays and high custodian fees
  • Making an IRA investment is as simple as writing a check.
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  • Invest in almost any type of investment opportunity that you discover
  • Invest in Real Estate, Private Businesses, Precious Metals, Tax Liens, and many more with very little restrictions.
  • All income and gains will generally flow tax-free to your Self-Directed IRA tax-free!
  • Grow and diversity your retirement account with a Self-Directed IRA!
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  • Step 1: Transfer tax-free of retirement funds
  • Step 2: Creation of new Self-Directed IRA LLC
  • Step 3: Open new Self-Directed IRA LLC checking account at any local bank
  • Step 4: Transfer of IRA funds to new Self-Directed IRA LLC bank account
  • Step 5: Tax-free Self-Directed IRA investment is made
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